Moms Who Read Romance Novels

An outrageous viral video. A secret sham marriage. The world’s most famous romance author. Will the truth burn Ellory Brayson’s career to the ground?

Ellory Brayson’s hit rock bottom. With the world watching, her career is on the precipice of a catastrophic implosion. Escaping her problems, she leaves New York and returns to her sleepy hometown. Jupiter Cove is the perfect place to hide out while she writes her next novel. Or is it?

Desperate to repair her image, she launches a social media campaign centered on her most devoted fans. But things get complicated when she must confront the person she left behind. As Ellory’s super fans get a peek behind the curtain, will her position as romance’s queen bee come crashing down in a spectacular downfall?

Weaving in plot lines about fake dating, second chance romance, and friendship, Moms Who Read Romance Novels is equal parts contemporary fiction and romance. If you’re a mom, a romance reader, or both, you don’t want to miss this heartfelt tale!

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